Self-Taught Artist

Artist bio of self-taught, self-representing artist Michel Keck

Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Keck's original abstract art and mixed media paintings have been described as "dark yet uplifting simultaneously". Keck works in a wide variety of mediums. When viewing Keck's portfolio for the first time one is under the belief that the works presented are the creations of several talented artists. The diverse collections however are the efforts of just one. Explosive abstract art paintings, contemporary mixed media collage art, recycled art, spiritual paintings and her intricate and obsessive circle drawings are just some of the styles you will uncover when you delve into Keck's portfolio of works.

"Keck's expansive surfaces command the attention of passers-by, reward the focus of new as well as seasoned collectors and transform a static wall into a crystal ball. Few creations rival the pure power, active style and personal impact of Keck's work." That is how John Yimin, advisor/caretaker of The Ioema Collection, reacts to the work of self-taught artist Michel Keck.

Michel Keck is a self-taught, abstract painter from the mid-west. While Michel has been creating art in various forms throughout her life it was not until 2003, after having naturally reversed several serious health conditions via a raw food diet, that she started creating her art on a full-time basis.

In a fairly short period of time, Keck accomplished unheard of achievements for a self-taught & self-representing artist. Selling her original abstract art & mixed media paintings via methods that most in the art world deemed unconventional, Keck garnered the attention of astute, contemporary art collectors around the world. By the end of 2006 Keck sold over 1,500 original paintings to art collectors throughout the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Ireland, Chile, France, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Malta, Puerto Rico and the United Arab Emirates. To read more about how this self-representing artist made it big click here.

Keck's original abstract art paintings and mixed media assemblages have been exhibited in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Indianapolis, High Point, Pittsburgh, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas.

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The creative process for me is one that is both automatic and emotional. The majority of my abstract works are inspired by the music I listen to. The beat, the lyrics, the emotions I feel from the music I am listening to while I am creating. For me, creating my art is like being on a roller coaster; ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns. Painting for me, like life, is constant movement, constant change. The creation process is cathartic, allowing my emotions to spill out onto my canvas as a release.

"Michel Leah Keck's work is truly unique. Often you see an artist's work and your first thought is "it's derivative." It reminds you of Pollack, Klee, Scarlett or Miro. This is not the case with Michel Leah. In addition to being wholly original, her work is powerful, exudes emotion and can be, at times, both dark and uplifting simultaneously. We own one of her works and I know that we will come to own more. Michel is also an inspirational person when one looks at the challenges she has faced in her life. Her experiences clearly come out through her art. To me there is no art more exciting than that which is new, different and being created by "outsider" artists who eschew the gallery system, push the outside of the envelope and, further, not only create outside the box but have thrown that box in the trash. One does not have to read my comments to be convinced of Michel's talent - her work speaks far louder than I." --- J. Johnson, Mill Valley, California