Keck Fine Art rents to private and corporate clients throughout the United States


keck art rental los angeles abstract art for rent new york art rental chicago 10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Direct Source: for originals and fine art giclee prints of world-renowned, internationally collected artist Michel Keck's works.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Flexible Terms: We offer low monthly rental terms.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Quick Turn Around:. Express delivery, as soon as next day with some options!

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Free Delivery & Installation within 60 miles: We offer a professional delivery and installation services to our clients in the Northern Indiana and Chicago area.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Confidentiality: Only you will know that your art collection is rented. We never share the names of our private or corporate clients.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Largest Contemporary Art Rental Selection in the U.S.: With a portflio in excess of 1,600 works, we offer one of the largest selections of upscale, contemporary art rental selections in the United States.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Art Rotation: Work with you in an on-going manner to rotate your art collection on a regular basis.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Full Customization: Custom orders are our speciality! Like a specific work but need the work in larger or smaller sizes? Our in house publishing service allows to create museum-quality, fine art giclee prints on demand per your size requirements.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental No Hidden Fees: No Deposits and no hidden fees.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Guaranteed Lowest Fees: Guaranteed lowest art rental fees in the market on comparable quality.

10 great reasons to rent art from keck fine art rental Quality: All art work rented through Keck Fine Art is the work of internationally collected artist Michel Keck. We do not rent mass-produced sweat shop art! Highest quality materials are used in all Keck original and fine art giclee reproductions.

For a minimal consultation fee you can also hire one of our consultants to tour your offices to take photographs and measurements of your space. With your information on hand we will then prepare a customized art portfolio that is specific to your company's needs. We will place your custom portfolio online for easy access - there you can instantly approve your portfolio or request changes.


The mission of our Art Rental / Lease Program is to provide both private collectors and corporate clients an easy, flexible, and tax-deductible (in corporate instances) art rental program with zero interest costs, and short rental terms. First and foremost, Keck Fine Art Rental doesn't compromise on quality. Keck Fine Art Rental supplies only museum-quality fine art giclee prints and high-caliber original artwork. While we seek to provide our clients with a large selection of artwork to choose from, we refuse to let the quality of the work suffer. We do not rent mass produced, assembly production art.


Corporate Art Rentals: Like it or not, your company's choice of artwork speaks volumes about your company image. You can advertise your company's success to your clients through the right artwork selections. If you wish to project an upscale, cutting-edge image to inspire your clients confidence then Keck Fine Art Rental is the right choice for you! Our art rental services are not for every corporate client. You won't find flowers, sailboats or sweatshop mass production art here. Keck Fine Art Rental offers contemporary, sophisticated art work that is always on the cutting edge! Not sure which art pieces will work? Not to worry, our professional art consultants can help you choose just the right pieces to complement your corporate image. (NOTE: For an additional fee you can work direct with artist Michel Keck one-on-one who will consult with you on location and discuss the creation of commission works that are exclusive to your company's needs.)


Some of our corporate clients include: Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Doctors Offices, Government Offices, Not for Profit Organizations, Interior Designers, Architects, Home Stagers and more.


Below is a selection of our most popular art rental packages. Please note you may mix and match and create your own customized packages to suit your needs or the needs of your clients. For details on creating your own customized art rental package please phone toll free at 1-888-969-KECK.


Please note we have a portfolio of over 1,000 contemporary, upscale, fine art giclee prints available for rent. The above packages are just a sampling of some of our most popular giclee rental packages. We can help you customize any art rental package specific to your needs. As the fine art publisher and manufacturer of our line of fine art giclee prints you are dealing with the direct source. By dealing direct with Keck Fine Art not only can we create works specific to your sizing requirements, we can also save you money!


Keck Fine Art offers a Rent-To-Buy program on a large selection of Michel Keck's original abstract paintings and mixed media works. Please phone the gallery toll free at 1-888-969-KECK to inquire.


    1.) We'll send you a rental agreement through email which you will need to sign and fax back to us. If you do not receive this email please phone us at 1.888.969.KECK.

    2) You can pay via all major credit cards and we require the two month term payment in advance before shipment/installation.

    3) We arrange for delivery and installation of your art to meet your schedule and needs.

    4) Enjoy your original art by Keck!

Please phone Keck Fine Art today toll free at 1.888.969.KECK for all of your corporate art rental needs. Our professional art consultants are here to help you with everything from selection to installation. If you are outside of the Northern Indiana / Chicago area and are interested in art rental please also phone toll free at the number above and ask to speak with Scott Borsits for availability.