More Than U Need 2 Know About Yours Truly...

When I started selling my art online in 2003 I had the fun bio (like the info below) and the boring bio (you know.. the one where you brag about all you've done in your art career *yawn*) -- my stats programs on my web sites continue to tell me that far more people care to read what music I listen to and what I watch on tv over what art shows I've exhibited at or who owns my art. So, for those of you interested in the fun bio here you go.... a list of things I don't know why anyone would care to know about me, but strangely do...

1) my life is dictated and dedicated to my baby, my german shepherd Dirty Paw Moo (Mr. Moose). Here are his photo albums of him and I here and here

2) i'm a health nut!! (yes i actually like eating well and LOVE working out!) 3) my favorite holiday is halloween!!! (i'm the pimp in this pic)

4) i will only eat bananas when their peels are covered in brown spots

5) i love country music which pisses off almost all of my friends!! (but i listen to everything)

6) i take my own bedding to hotels (don't you?)

7) i love sleeping outdoors - but nobody will go camping with me!!!

8) i curse like a sailor

9) i find myself unable to control laughter at times when it is completely inappropriate

10) forgiveness is something i believe you must be able to give to move forward

11) i love VS's pink line sweatpants are the best!!!!!!!!

12) i hate cold weather

13) i am in LOVE with GSP!!! he is badass and super fine!

14) i have a ridiculously short attention span

15) i am terrified of frogs/toads.. and grasshoppers.. (really anything that jumps)

16) i have no tolerance or use for a liar. lying is the trait of a coward.

17) my favorite handbags are matt and nat - they rock and don't kill animals!

18) i have no clue what my cell phone number is... i don't call myself... (seriously if u r a friend and need it ask one of my other friends.. i also don't know how to locate it on my phone)

19) my favorite season is SUMMER!

20) i think.. no.. scratch that - i KNOW larry david is the funniest man alive!!! and my dream job would be playing jeff's wife suzy!

21) i really miss arrested development - why didn't that make it?

22) i am not ashamed to say i love britney spears!! (SHUT UP!)

23) i hate doing arm & stomach excercises - but need to!

24) i think people who drive slow in the fast lane should be shot

25) i think people who do not use their signals to switch lanes should be shot

26) i think people that drive on other people's asses should be shot

27) i think people who put on make up while driving should be shot

28) i think people who drive around with young children not buckled in should be shot (but not in front of the kids)

29) i think i may suffer from road rage

30) i have a heavy foot... but am really good at talking my way out of tickets

31) i would love to look like heide klum

32) i make up my own mind... i'm not one to form my opinions of someone or something on what others tell me (sometimes i get burned because of this but i will always be this way)

33) i do not have a favorite color (and i hate that question!)

34) my dream house is a mid-century mod home (the real retro deal NOT new repro construction) & preferably in california

35) i love making my art but hate talking about my art

36) i want to get a part in a cheesy B horror movie (this is on my top 10 things to do before i die list! - sad but true)

37) when i was little girl i wanted to grow up to be either barbara mandrell, dolly parton, carol burnette or lucille ball

38) i love to go bowling!!

39) i am an aries - and almost everything they say about us is true.

40) my theory on friends.. i'd rather have four quarters than 100 pennies. and i have 4 quarters that i love dearly!

41) i love to hike. my favorite park that we've hiked so far is in hocking hills in ohio - simply gorgeous!

42) i own a dolce & gabbana denim vest previously owned by the one and only BRITNEY SPEARS (swear to God!!)

43) i hope that when i am 50 i have a body like madonnas

44) i buy those horrible celebrity rag mags... especially the ones with the celebrities and their cellulite. why i want to know whose flabby ass is on the cover is beyond me.. it's a sickness - forgive me.

45) i am disgusted by people who do NOT have friends/family in the military yet run the military down - they are protecting your ass - SHOW SOME RESPECT!

46) i love to drink fresh juice and use the pulp for home made facial masks

47) i was raised Catholic yet I appreciate the fact there are countless faiths and beliefs. i do not believe that any one religion is 'the' religion.

48) i LOVE boots and dressing up.. but i am most comfortable in jeans, flip-flops, and a t-shirt

49) i am terrified of heights but love roller coasters & want to go sky diving!

50) i am sickened by animal abuse and can not post what i think should be done to animal abusers

51) i love to people watch

52) i love to take my niece clothes shopping!!!

53) i do not agree with the concept of conventional medicine

54) i am saddened by childhood obesity and wish nutrition classes were mandatory in our school systems

55) i'm very decisive. i make quick decisions.. i dont usually think things through (i dont see this as a bad thing)

56) i will NOT get rid of my BIG YELLOW car e v e r!!! moose loves it and so do i!! dont hate! (UPDATE: MY CAR DIED IN 2013! she had a long life)

57) i am extremely afraid of flying (though didn't use to be - a nightmare flight home from vegas has scarred me forever!!!!)

58) i wish a TOSSED would open up in merrillville/lafayette... (OR somewhere close)

59) i scream while playing video games!!! its reallllly bad when i play air hockey and ms. pac man...

60) one of my favorite songs of all times is 'baby i'm a star' - prince

61) some of my favorite funny movies are: due date, envy, meet the parents, better off dead, sixteen candles, napoleon dynamite, army of darkness, step brothers

62) i am really bad with names, but good with faces

63) i wish i knew how to speak french... but i've faced the fact i'm never going to learn.

64) favorite drink... red berry ciroc please! :) make it a double! (UPDATE: ehhh i quit drinking thanksgiving 2013 in support of my boyfriend! I will partake in a bloody mary every great once in awhile but that is all.)

65) fiji bottle water is the BEST! (and yes if you try to challenge me with a bottled water taste test i can tell the difference!!)

66) i hate cell phones. i hate that people are always on them. i hate texting. i dont like technology in general.

67) i am a list maker (yeah.. one of those 'to-do' list freaks)

68) if my days are too hectic or i am feeling to stressed i take Mr. Moose and we head for Lake Michigan. there is nothing that a day at the beach with my pup can't fix.

69) 5jiet93w4u5wejgiwe-tuw9et-eu90r - -what??? -- YES!

70) i rarely watch television.. and i HATE sports (except ufc).. yes boys I HATE SPORTS !!

71) Sean Connery and Roger Moore were my favorite James Bonds.. and then along came Daniel Craig (yum!)

72) i can type 104 words a minute without error

73) i LOVE dancing!!!!!!!!! i LOVE to dance!!! i dance while doing the dishes.. i dance in the shower.. i dance while painting i love to dance! :)

74) i love jamba juice but wish their 'fresh squeezed' section was much larger (fav is the carrot/orange/banana)

75) i love vintage jewelry.. especially big chunky bracelets and rings!

76) i hate cold weather but i love outfits in the fall/winter.. mostly because of the boots.. i'm obsessed with BOOTS!

77) i hate running lol!! :)))) i do it.. but i hate it... and NO i'm NOT training for a marathon ;))) I'LL LET OTHERS DO THAT hehehehe!

78) i've made mistakes.. alot of them... i have learned from MOST of them ;)

79) i cry.. ALOT.. i'm EMOTIONAL.... i'm sensitive.. i'm passionate.. i can't help it :))) commercials and songs can make me cry... sad movies forget about it.. get the tissues ready for me... i can cry to the point of literally making myself sick if the movie is sad enough. ;) u probably dont want to see a sad movie with me in public.. fair warning!

80) i talk alot.. but i'm a GREAT listener.. i prefer to listen actually.. the talking thing is a nervous habit :)

81) i have laughed so hard i've peed my pants... and YES i've done this quite recently lol!!! (hey i'm not ashamed to admit it!!!!)

82) i feel blessed in knowing that MONEY does NOT buy happiness.. money doesnt mean a whole hell of alot to me.. is it fun to make it.. YES.. but necessary?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

83) i am a hopeless romantic.. i believe in happily ever afters and i know that the only thing truly important in life is LOVE.. JUST LOVE :)

84) i have a forgiving heart. i dont turn my back on people that need me.. its not me, it never will be me. i give people the benefit of the doubt.. always.. probably never going to change... i make my opinions on people from my own experiences not through what others say.

85) i take chances.. i take risks... you dont know what you can have in life or what you can make of it if you dont try. :)))) some people say i'm bat shit crazy.... i say FUCK 'EM.... happiness is important and i'm not afraid to go for it! :))

86) i dont like to see the "little guy" being taken advantage of. it pisses me off. happens more than it should and i am always there to defend the underdog.

87) i've learned a few great tips from my folks from funny little sayings they drilled into my head as a child. many of you have probably heard the same. these always stick with me...

---you are gonna get a hell of a lot more out of DOING it than you are TALKING about it.
--- you are gonna get in alot more trouble if you get caught in a lie than if you just fess up
--- follow your heart (ok that one comes from mom not dad so much lol!)
--- michel, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves (that one comes from dad)

88) i feel truly blessed to be able to do what i love for a living. being not only a self-taught, but a self-representing artist seems more often than not a daunting task. im forever grateful to my fans and collectors who continue to support me and give me the opportunity to share my talent with others.

i am always adding to this list... stay tuned for more more than u need to know..