"Keck creates art that creates environments. Using will and action, she mixes colors, solvent and shape on canvas to bring to her largest pieces a stance unusual in today's quick-look art world. Keck’s expansive surfaces command the attention of passers-by, reward the focus of new as well as seasoned collectors and transform a static wall into a crystal ball.

Living with Keck's work becomes like sharing time with a friend, uncovering in small steps and across colorful boundaries that which draws one to another. Her art unfolds with the short glance of rushed time, the contemplation after a hard day and the shifting realities of twilight. I have been rewarded with the gift of color and grace many times over the last ten years and have been lucky to have the ability to pick and choose that which hangs here in the Ioema collection. Few creations rival the pure power, active style and personal impact of a Michel Keck work."

John G. Yimin, owner
The Ioema Collection

"'Spontaneous' would be the one word that comes to mind, when viewing Michel's work. You get the distinct impression that each was created "in the moment". There is a sense of immediacy that resonates from her work; a lightning bold of energy tempered with a subtle degree of sophistication, not unlike the artist herself.

Although her styles cover a broad ranage of palette and technique, there is a common thraed of passion and intensity that inevitably stream throughout her entire body of work.

From what I have seen, Michel needs to paint, the waymost of us need to eat, breathe and sleep. This perpetual drive to create keeps things fresh and moving forward and always keeps us looking forward to her next big surprise."

Ted Jarmakowicz
Owner, Chicago Art Exchange

"I was first introduced to the world of Michel Keck four years ago when I was hearing about this extremely prolific and successful artist on eBay called The Raw Artist. Intriqued I looked at the work. What I saw was her ability to create a persona and name for herself outside of the traditional "fine art" confines. She had built up a following for her work in an amazing, well-manufactured, promotional and marketing strategy. To discover an artist who was "making it" without the blessing of museum curators and gallery owners was refreshing and part of what makes her and her work special. People all over the world were fighting for her latest pieces in that online setting. To some buying art online may not be the most glamorous way to collect art but doing this, she made her work collected all over the world. This is where she started and it has taken her far.

A self-taught artist, Keck has an instinctive ability to use color, texture and space to seduce the viewer. However, her very early pencil drawings, brought about by an illness she suffered, are some of my favorites. They are obsessively drawn, abstract and exquisite in their ability to illustrate her frustration and longing for relief. These seminal works brought the birth of The Raw Artist.

Over the years her work has grown as she has exposed herself to other art and artists in the outside world but she keeps the work her own, filled with that energy and life from those early years. The mystique of Michel Keck continues on and the work keeps coming, from that overflowing reservoir of a love of life, people and God."

Linda Dorman
Uncle Freddy's Gallery

"After working with Michel for 2 years I continue to be excited about her work. Her abstracts are bold, gritty and emotional - her collage work is sensitive & refined in it's 'rawness'. She master's her canvas time and again, I am impressed with her determination and passion - her insistence on conquering the art world her way is refreshing and inspiring. She is an artist before her time but lives in the moment enough to enjoy it. As a gallery owner I am proud to show her work and feel fortunate to know her."

Owner - The Studio School & Gallery
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Michel's work is vibrant and full of action. Her use of mediums provide depth and transparency that compel the viewer to take a closer look. She has an unbrideled abililty to combine many different elements in her work that cause movement and contemplation at the same time. Truly fascinating work!"

Jennifer Kaye Laughner

Owner - Lamp Fine Art Gallery
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Michel Keck, known as The Raw Artist, is one of our top selling artists at Joseph Thomas Galleries in Westchester, NY.  She is very talented and unique.  Her vibrant style, color composition, and texture come together to create amazing art pieces that our clients have come to love."

Abe Abdallah, owner
Joseph Thomas Galleries

"Michel's enthusiasm for her art is matched by her raw talent. Working with her on a commission piece for Wapango restaurant was a pleasure. She was easy to work with in all regards. Michel created an original masterpiece for Wapango while staying within the project's budget and meeting a pressing deadline. It too was a comfort to have conversations with Michel that did not always revolve around business. Many enjoyable conversations were had discussing our shared love of dogs. I will gladly hire Michel again for future projects."

Beth Worthington, owner
Worthington Design

"Michel Leah's work is truly unique. Often you see an artist's work and your first thought is "it's derivative." It reminds you of Pollack, Klee, Scarlett or Miro. This is not the case with Michel Leah. In addition to being wholly original, her work is powerful, exudes emotion and can be, at times, both dark and uplifting simultaneously. We own one of her works and I know that we will come to own more. Michel is also an inspirational person when one looks at the challenges she has faced in her life. Her experiences clearly come out through her art. To me there is no art more exciting than that which is new, different and being created by "outsider" artists who eschew the gallery system, push the outside of the envelope and, further, not only create outside the box but have thrown that box in the trash. One does not have to read my comments to be convinced of Michel's talent - her work speaks far louder than I." --- J. Johnson, Mill Valley, California

"Shell, you are RAW!! I am completely blown away with your talent & you have changed the way I look at art forever! Your paintings have brought life and personality into my home. I am truly your Number 1 Fan & 4/Life" - Lee Taylor

"Hi Shell, I received your painting today and words seem wholly incapable of expressing how INCREDIBLE it is. What I saw on my computer screen really moved me but those feelings pall in comparison to seeing the real painting. Wow -- I really am without words . . . I feel like I should send you a plane ticket so you can come see how perfect your painting is in the space we put it. You have some serious talent and I now understand with a whole new perspective why your paintings are so sought after. I have become a seeker myself and will be on the lookout for my next Raw Artist painting." - Karen Myers

"Shell, Your work is truly inspiring and amazing!!!!! The masterpieces arrived today and I could hardly contain myself when opening the packages! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get them on my walls!!!!! Keep creating!" - Cindy Gregory

"I love your energy, especially the part about ?Forget the starving artist part, I?m making six figures doing this!? The combination of unique and compelling art, raw foods purity, and not being shy or conflicted about economic success is quite refreshing. We?re excited to have your art as part of the collection (and lucky we got such a great deal!)" - Doug Kari

"You are getting too big to get into another bidding war. I bought it outright. (Buy It Now) I hope that immediate purchase will help others realize that they can't sit back and play the auction game and try to squeeze out an unrealistic deal. Anyone looking at you're purchaser comments should be quick to realize that no one has been disappointed with their purchase and, in fact, have been highly enthusiastic." - Karl Junkersfeld

"no messing around this time...I can't get the other painting out of my head..I love your textures...so when I saw this one...I said IT'S MINE!" - Amy Rafkin

"Dear Shell, Hey! I got my cross painting in the mail today! They had tried to deliver it on Friday and again on Saturday but we were not at home. I made certain I stayed in so I could sign for it today. What can I say? It is absolutely fantastic! It is going to look beautiful in our living room; the colors compliment our house perfectly. As I mentioned before, I have wanted one of your pieces for well over a year now, so I am glad that I finally have one. I am certain that this will not be the only one I will have in my collection. You are truly talented! Thank you! Have a nice Christmas!" - Sincerely, Tracey Ley

"IT IS PERFECT! I did not receive the package until yesterday afternoon. It arrived about an hour before we headed to Las Vegas to catch our flight back to Pittsburgh. I had time enough to unwrap it and know that it is perfect for the room. I'm sorry that I did not take any pictures, for you. We are going back, to move into the new house, at the end of January. After we move and hang the painting, I will take a few pictures and email them to you. Thank you again for mailing it so quickly. You saved me from a panic attack. Also, a special thank you, for the beautiful Christmas Card that accompanied the painting. The card and the terrific wrapping were greatly appreciated. My husband is very worried that I will be looking for "the Raw Artist" to brighten other rooms... we have many walls. With best wishes," - Diann Urbanek

"Dear Shell; The painting arrived this morning just before noon. It was packaged and wrapped so nice that I didn't know whether to hang the wrappings and throw the painting away! Only kidding! The paintng was all I could hope for. The shine of the paint and the colors make the painting nicer than what the computer displays. I have been watching your work on ebay for probably six months. Waiting for a price I could afford and looking for a place on one of my walls that I could fit it on. I still don't know where I can fit it in! I'll probably have to take some of my other artwork down. Thanks." Frank Wagner

"I landed on this auction 9 minutes before it ended. This win was meant to be - I ran downstairs and made my husband take a look in the last 6 minutes. We are thrilled to add your piece to our eclectic collection (www.RoyoArt.com, www.AddeRussell.com and Tyson Grumm to name a few). The verbiage gives it a personal touch, and the colors - what a natural!!!" - Shannon Hodson

"thank you so much for sending the painting....it is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever laid my eyes on let alone owned personally. I feel so honored to have the piece in my home...it is like nothing I have ever saw before. The colors were so beautiful and the picture on ebay did not do the painting justice...I cannot wait to purchase another piece of work for my home...I am so excited....YOU ARE SO FLY...please continue to create "real art"" - Chastity Champion

"Hello! I have been bidding on your work for a few weeks! I decided to forget the bidding and just BUY! The colors in this work are just too perfect. I love the "RAW" theme." - Brenda Spurlin

"I'm so excited that I finally won one of your art pieces....I just want you to know that I only bid on yours now.... I love your work. I am working w/ an interior designer now at my new home and I showed her your pieces and she thought they were wonderful as well.....she said she usually wouldn't recommend buying from the Internet but that your pieces were too nice not to!!" - Angela Porter

"your DAYDREAMER painting is just a masterpiece! Keeping the piece abstract with just a minor melding of representation is just wonderful. I showed your E-Bay listing to friends at a party last night and they all loved it!" - Wilson Wong

"Oh Shell you have made me cry. If I lived close enough I would be weeping on your doorstep right now. The painting is BEAUTIFUL ... and that word just does not feel adequate right now but no words would. I LOVE IT! You completely captured the feeling/emotion/spirit of the hymn. You are truly a master at your art and I am deeply, humbly grateful to benefit from it. You better not get tired of hearing it because I am going to keep on writing it ... thank you thank you thank you! I LOVE everything you did ... every little detail ... where the words are ... I love that you subtley highlighted "how can I keep from singing?" throughout ... because isn't that really the point of the whole hymn?! I LOVE the colors ... I LOVE the texture ... I LOVE the wash (now that I know what to call it) ... I LOVE the "rock clinging" part ... I LOVE the circle you wove in at the bottom righthand corner ... I could go on and on and on and on ... and I haven't even seen it in person so prepare yourself for when I do! :)" - Karen Myers

  • omg i LOVE it - best thing i have bought in awhile!!! thank you!!!
  • Words CANNOT describe how AMAZING the painting is in person! We love it! Thanks!
  • Absolutely magnificent work... the crown of my collection -- thanks a million!!!
  • love it!!! love it! love it!!! must-have art
  • As usual exquisite, beautiful piece, my 5th purchase in 2 years
  • Once again astounded by the beautiful work. Simply amazing!!!!!!!
  • Amazing!!!! My wife said she saw a tear in my eye.Thanks much!!!
  • just bought my first piece and looking for my second of many to follow.
  • This is my fourth piece; I'm hooked!
  • Soon I will build a whole new house strictly to display her art! ITS THAT GOOD!!
  • bought for my office, wife wants it for our home, so I get to buy another one!
  • Shell's work is eye candy with colored splashy escapism.
  • Can't express how happy I am with this Piece. Captivating, Honest & Very Raw!!!
  • Awesome!! Powerful yet soothing; moving, masterful, original, beautiful, great!
  • Lets just say I'm honored to be a part of history in the making!!
  • Blown away by your work babe, I love it.... I'm already looking to buy more!
  • This one is "industrial light and magic"! Can't wait to see the next one!
  • You are simply the best! You should see my house! All Raw Artist!
  • Can't say enough good things about this artist! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!
  • haunting, yet elegant - like a Sarah McClachlan song, thank you
  • Powerful Artwork *thumbs up* Highest Recommendation! Definitely Want More
  • Absolutley stunning!!! Proud to own a Raw Artist
  • sooo beautiful--pleases the eye and stirs the heart--what more could i ask for?
  • Very,Very nice work. The on-line photo was nice but the piece is over the top.
  • LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! Did I tell you that I love it? I Love it!!!
  • Beautiful picture. Everyone sees something different. Even better in person!
  • Absolutely stunning! This will be the centerpiece of our home.
  • We are HAPPY! Love the painting...so unique and beautiful!
  • You are FABULOUS. I am "hooked". Can't wait for my next piece!
  • Stellar artist! What an inspiration! Must buy another!!!!
  • This is my 4th purchase, and I'm happier each time. What can I say? You rock!
  • Vibrant beautiful colors - viewing it elevates my mood.
  • Beautiful 6 canvas composition is just as I had imagined - gorgeous!
  • I can't stop staring at this one - the colors are so engaging
  • I can't say enough of the talent and subject, keep on blessing us with your gift
  • Can't say enough good things about this artist! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!
  • Absolutely breath-taking paintings! The Raw Artist's work is destined to please!
  • Wonderful conversational piece. Wish I had the original! Plan to buy more!
  • Awesome Shell Awesome awesome awesome- everything is GREAT!
  • Absolutely incredible, unbelievably beautiful with other Leah paintings!!!!
  • WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Great artist - great lady
  • WOW this is dynamite stuff!!! FABULOUS
  • Incredible painting - colors so rich and vibrant!
  • This art leaps off the canvas. Could not be more pleased. Too cool
  • Amazing art ; complex with great velocity, has an almost industrial feel to it
  • Impressed. Love her work . Will buy again
  • The painting is even better than in the photos! Thanks for a stunning work!!!
  • My third purchase from this wonderful artist, just wish I had more wall space
  • Incredible, spellbinding, stunning, art. Total 10 WOW! factor. Nothing compares



    Below are some of the testimonials we've received regarding our giclee prints...

    "Michel & Scott Thank you so much for rushing the print of All or Nothing to us. We had it in time for our anniversary party and all of our guests commented how gorgeous the painting was, we never told them it was a print. It really makes our wall sing! Every day we find something new in it. Susan is already looking for another for our master bedroom." - Susan & Carrie - Las Vegas, Nevada

    "I was hesitant to buy a print off of the internet but I am so glad I did. The detail is amazing!!! I had to run my hand over the surface of it because I thought someone must have accidentally sent me the original painting. I couldn't be happier! THANK YOU." - Jeff - Chicago, Illinois

    "I wish all jobs ran this smoothly. I have to thank you both for getting this order out to us so quick and on such a short notice. Our client was very impressed with the quality of your giclees and the quick turn around. I look forward to doing business with you in the future." - Barbara - Dallas, Texas

    "I have expensive taste but unfortunately a budget that does not match it. I purchased your prints of Hard Knock Life and Over Before It Began and I LOVE them! To me they are just as good as an original painting." - Linda - Columbus, Ohio

    "When I showed my wife the print I ordered from your site she told me I would never be happy with the quality of a print. We've just spent the last hour on your site and have ordered two more, needless to say we both love it. The quality of your giclee print far surpassed both of our expectations. - Ben - Philadelphia, PA


  • "Beautiful, Stunning. Now I want an original. =) be blessed."
  • "Awesome. I am very happy. This piece will hang in my study for years to come!!"
  • "incredible piece of art, captivating, my 4th piece"
  • "My 3rd piece. Colors are amazing, Art just screams out WOW! Just as Described"
  • "Beautiful print. Great seller to deal with. Fast shipping, careful packing"
  • "Absolutely wonderful! Our sixth...first giclee...very pleased! Thank you!"
  • "Beautiful art, great communication...would do biz with again!!!"
  • "Awesome art. Very nice people. I will buy again A++"
  • "love the art--it is beautiful!"
  • "VERY VERY PLEASED!!! 100 times better in person!! Thank you very much"
  • "My favorite artist right now! Colors are so vivid and true to photos!"
  • "Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! Can't wait to buy more. Great artist.Very helpful!"
  • "wow!.......................beautiful.................will be back..............."
  • "impressive work. i will be ordering more. extremely friendly. thanks much."
  • "A+++Art Piece, as always! Love it ~ Thanks!"
  • "i love love love this art! even better in person! thank u- i am thrilled!"
  • "high quality giclee, excellent communication, quick ship. highly recommended!"